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PVC Patches

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PVC patches have become a popular choice for individuals and businesses looking to add a unique and durable element to their clothing, gear, and accessories. Whether you're looking for custom PVC patches or custom morale PVC patches, you'll find that these versatile patches are the perfect solution. With custom patches PVC, you can showcase your logo, design, or message in a way that stands out and lasts. Moreover, you can promote your brand and built your brand awareness through this cheap and cost-effective accessory. Looking to buy custom PVC patches in bulk? Our wholesale custom PVC patches service is for you. Explore the world of PVC patches and elevate your style or brand with these cheap, eye-catching, durable, and customizable accessories. Order your custom PVC patch now!

Custom PVC Patches
Custom PVC Patches

Your One-Stop Shop for Custom PVC Patches!

Looking for custom PVC patches? We offer a wide selection to choose from, including personalized PVC morale patches, custom PVC team patches, PVC jacket patches, PVC Velcro patches, 3D PVC patches, and many more for every occasion holiday, event, brand promotion, or clothing in any shape, design, and size. Whether you need durable and cheap PVC patches or rugged and striking tactical patches, we've got you covered. If you are looking for custom embroidered or custom chenille patches we offer them too. Explore our wide selection of custom patches and let you create your own PVC patch that leaves a memorable impression. Get your free quote now!

Get Wholesale & Cheap Custom PVC patches!


Increase brand awareness with custom pvc patches

Enhancing brand awareness is crucial in today's competitive landscape, and PVC patches provide a distinctive and powerful way to achieve this goal. Whether adorning custom PVC patch for hats, jackets, or clothes, these durable accessories turn everyday attire into brand showcases. With their eye-catching designs and versatility, they captivate attention and curiosity, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience. For airsoft enthusiasts, these patches foster a sense of belonging and community, making them ideal for expanding your brand's reach within this niche. Embrace the visual impact of PVC patches to raise your brand visibility. Order them now!

Custom PVC Patches
Custom PVC Patches

Fully Customizable PVC Patches!

When it comes to creating distinctive and personalized patches, look no further than our range of fully customizable PVC patches. Our options go beyond the ordinary, offering you the flexibility to design the perfect patch for your needs. From PVC patches that make application a breeze to versatile PVC Velcro patches for easy attachment, we have got you covered. The quality of our PVC patches is unmatched, ensuring that your design looks crisp and vibrant. Explore the world of custom 3D PVC patches to add an extra dimension to your patches, or classic 2D PVC patches for a sleek and timeless look. As a leading custom PVC patch manufacturer and PVC patch maker, we take pride in delivering premium custom PVC patches at cheap prices that exceed expectations.

Our Custom PVC Patches

Guide to order Your desired patch

Create your own custom patches quickly and easily with our online designer.

Finalize Your Patch Design

Finalize your design by reviewing every detail, color, and element to achieve the desired result for your unique custom patches.

Choose Patch Specifications

Select the size for your desired patch and provide any instructions if you wish to.

Select Patch Type

Custom Embroidery Patches, Chenille Patches, PVC Patches, Leather Patches, Velcro or Woven Patches.

Choose Patch Backing

Select from Iron-on Patches or Heat Seal Patches.

Set Quantity

20 Patches minimum per Order.

Your Patches are Coming

After placing your order, You will receive your patches in 2 weeks.

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